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    School Uniform

    All children at Chertsey School are expected to wear the official school uniform.  This is so we can provide a visible identify and sense of belonging to Chertsey School.  Through consultation we have established a practical, affordable school uniform that supports equity, is non-discriminatory and non-sexist.

    Navy blue shorts/skort/skirt
    Red polo shirt
    Navy blue sweatshirt or polar fleece

    Suggested footwear:

    Black or brown sandals or running shoes

    Jandals and ‘crocs’ style shoes are discouraged

    Hat: Navy blue, wide brimmed hat (no less than 6cm)


    Navy blue shorts/skirt/skort or navy blue fleece track pants

    Red skivvy, long sleeved polo shirt or short sleeved polo shirt

    Navy blue sweatshirt or jersey and/or polar fleece

    Long sleeved thermal tops (mono colour) can be worn under polo shirts

    Suggested footwear:
    Black or brown shoe/boots or running shoes.
    Children are encouraged to bring an ‘inside’ pair of shoes or slippers to wear during winter

    Most uniform items are available from The Warehouse as part of the SchoolTex range. Additionally Uniforms can be purchased from Tots to Teens.  Tots to Teens also have embroidered school tops.

    All children will be required to have at least one red polo shirt and one navy blue sweatshirt or polar fleece with the Chertsey School crest and Chertsey School name on it.  This is compulsory for school trips, etc for identification purposes.  The crest and name can be embroidered on by going to Elite Embroidery, Ashburton.

    Chertsey School sports shirts are available from the office and are red with a white stripe down the side seam and have the Chertsey School logo on the front and school name on the back.  These shirts are intended to be worn on school sports days (eg cross country, athletics, County representation, etc) and are not to be worn as part of the everyday school uniform.

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