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Together we Grow, Learn & Celebrate as Chertsey Champs!

All the CHAMPs at Chertsey School send you a huge welcome! Chertsey School is located in the small rural township of Chertsey, approximately 20km north of the Mid Canterbury town of Ashburton.
Our Classes

We have two dynamic classrooms

At Chertsey School, our priority is creating a safe, engaging and student-centered environment that fosters a love of learning. We know all of our student's individual needs and strengths and this drives our teaching and learning.
Junior Room

Years 0 - 3

Ruma Tahi is our junior room (NE-Yr3). It is a play-based learning classroom with a rich child-centred focus. Whaea Jen teaches in Ruma Tahi Monday to Thursday, and Ms Claire teaches on Fun Day Friday with Kapa Haka, Art and so much more.
Little Learners
We follow Little Learners Love Literacy structured literacy programme and Numicon maths programme.
Each morning activity stations are set up based around the children’s learning, interests and sensory needs, these are available throughout the day for discovery and brain breaks.
Senior Room

Years 4- 6

Room 3 starts the week with Ms Claire as their teacher. Mondays are a ‘Soft Start”. That means we don’t do Literacy or Maths on Mondays, instead we do Art, STEM and PE. This is to get our students excited about coming back to school after the weekend. Whaea Nin teaches in Room 3 from Tuesday to Friday.
Structured Literacy
We follow a Structured Literacy plan in Literacy which follows on from what students were learning in the junior class. Room 3 does a lot of work on learning how to regulate emotions. We work very hard to create a safe and kind environment to learn and grow.
Many of our students are involved in sports after school. We encourage all our students to participate in sports and cultural activities. This is also the class where you will find our school leaders. We have House Captains and leaders for Jump Jam, Kapa Haka and PE Monitors. In Room 3, we try to make learning fun and exciting.

Milk For Schools

Chertsey School has been part of the Fonterra Milk for Schools programme since June 2013. Each day children are given the option of a carton of Anchor milk to drink as part of a balanced diet. Thanks Fonterra and Anchor for helping our children make good food choices and be happy and healthy.
Teaching & Learning

Learning Apps/Programmes

At Chertsey School we are fortunate to be part of the N4L network At Chertsey we use lots of websites to help us with our learning. Below are links to some of the sites we use so families can use them at home too.

Click the link below to view the Little Learners Love Literacy letter to parents.

Chertsey School encourages children and their parents to be Cybersafe when using the internet.  All students have signed an Internet User Agreement for the use of computers at school and we recommend that parents/caregivers use similar guidelines at home.
*  We recommend that you do not give information about yourself or anyone else to anyone on the Internet.  This includes your address, phone number, photograph or credit card information.
* We recommend that parents/caregivers supervise their children whilst using the internet and that the computer be situated in a common area (eg lounge, kitchen) rather than a private area (eg bedroom).
* We recommend talking with your children about what to do if they come across something that they don’t think is right or makes them feel uncomfortable (eg minimise the screen and get an adult to look at the page straight away).

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