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    School Bus Information Chertsey School

    Students wishing to travel on the Chertsey School bus must meet entitlement and eligibility criteria set by the Ministry of Education.

    Students attending their nearest school are generally deemed to be eligible for a Ministry of Education (MoE) funded bus service, provided they meet the MoE’s criteria, as listed below.  

    Students living closer to another school may attend a different school, of their choice, but the MoE will not provide them with a school transport entitlement.

    They may use the school bus service, if space is available, but they will have to pay for that service.

    Parents who live outside of the TEZ of the school they send their children to will most likely have to transport their children to meet the school bus somewhere within the TEZ of the school their children attend.

    The eligibility to access MoE funded school transport services, is established when the child is enrolled for the bus service.

    To be eligible to receive assistance a student must live further than 3.6km (if under 10 years of age) or 4.8km (if 10 years of age or older) from their nearest school offering that age group education.

    More information on eligibility and entitlement can be found on Factsheet 1 and Factsheet 2.

    Fare Paying Passengers
    Where possible Mid Canterbury School Transport Service (MCSTS) offers spaces on their buses for students who live outside the TEZ of the school they attend. They do so on the basis that eligible bus users are not disadvantaged. MCSTS charges a bus fee for those students who fall into this category. Each fee is worked out specifically for each child, depending on the distance they live from their nearest school and the school they attend. Fees are worked out on enrolment with the bus service.

    OK, I’ve got that, so what is Chertsey’s TEZ?
    This map shows Chertsey School current TEZ. If you live within the area marked on the map then you are entitled to school transport assistance, as long as you are 3.6km (if under 10 years) or 4.8km (10 years and over) from the school. If you are ineligible you can still travel on the bus but will need to pay..

    Chertsey Schools Current Bus Route

    This map shows Chertsey School’s current bus route (green and black lines) within our TEZ (blue line).  

    Mid Canterbury School Transport Service (MCSTS)
    The Mid Canterbury School Transport Service has been set up to co-ordinate the administration of the daily school bus services. It administers the finances and has formulated operating procedure which allow for the transport of all enrolled bus students attending schools within Mid Canterbury. The day-to-day work is carried out by an administrator on behalf of the school involved and a management group formulates the procedures, sets the fees, and monitors the systems to ensure they are kept current and fair for all parties involved.

    I think that my child is entitled and eligible to use the bus service for Chertsey School . . . what do I need to do now?
    When you are ready to enroll your child to use the Chertsey School bus you will need to go to the MCSTS website and complete the online enrollment form. If you are required to pay to use the bus service you will be contacted.

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