Our Team

Our Team

Meet Our Staff

At Chertsey School we have a dedicated team ready to help your child succeed!
Principal principal@chertsey.school.nz
Jen Light
Room 1 Teacher Years 0 - 3 jenl@chertsey.school.nz
Nerina Hawkins
Room 3 Teacher Years 4 -6 nerinah@chertsey.school.nz
Gill Cain
ORS Teacher
Jo Stanhope
LSC Coordinator
Christine Stewart
Office Secretary office@chertsey.school.nz
Brenda Watson
Teacher Aide brendaw@chertsey.school.nz
Chloe O'Connor
Teacher Aide chloeo@chertsey.school.nz
Emma Sparey
Teacher Aide emmas@chertsey.school.nz
Katina Davis
Teacher Aide katrinad@chertsey.school.nz
Kylie Grieve
Teacher Aide kylieg@chertsey.school.nz
Manu Otene
Teacher Aide manuo@chertsey.school.nz
Bianca Fell
Relieving Teacher Aide biankaf@chertsey.school.nz
Chloe Wilkinson
Relieving Teacher Aide

Board Of Trustees

Malcolm Chubb

Presiding Member

Claire Maria


Amber Wilkinson

Parent Rep

Brenda Close

Parent Rep

Andrew Scott

Jen Light

Parent Rep

Staff Rep

Chertsey Home & School

We have a committed group of parents who fundraise for the school on a variety of projects and events to help the school. If you would like to join this group please contact the school office on 03 302 2727 for more details.